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Laser Alexandrite Hair Removal at OASIS MED

Laser Alexandrite Hair Removal at OASIS MED 1

Eliminate unwanted hair permanently with the most reliable, fast, safe, and effective method available.

Experience the latest generation ALEXANDRITE PRO U CANDELA LASER at OASIS MED and enjoy smooth, silky, and soft skin!

Laser Alexandrite Hair Removal at OASIS MED 2


✔ Visible results from the first session

✔ Permanent and long-lasting effect

✔ Safe and painless method

✔ No irritation or folliculitis



Why Choose OASIS MED?

Laser Alexandrite Hair Removal at OASIS MED 3

  1. Expertise & Safety

    • Procedures performed by specialized and experienced aestheticians, doctors, and dermatologists with a medical approach, ensuring a safe and professional outcome.
  2. Personalization

    • Customized programs tailored to skin type, other unique needs and characteristics.
  3. Speed

    • Sessions conducted with focused targeting and vaporization of hair follicles with millimeter precision, saving you time.
  4. Flexibility

    • LASER hair removal treatments available for all body areas.

  5. Unmatched Economic Benefit

    • Services offered at incredibly competitive prices and promotional packages available regularly.
  6. Evaluation

    • Continuous monitoring and assessment of results by aestheticians and dermatologists.
  7. Comfort & Reliability

    • Procedures performed using the innovative and pioneering DCD system from CANDELA, minimizing pain and unwanted irritation.
  8. Long-Lasting Results

    • Achieving long-lasting results due to the high quality of LASERs and their correct use.
  9. Convenience

    • Schedule your appointments easily, quickly, and efficiently through the My Oasis Med mobile app.
  10. Exceptional Service

    • Enjoy hassle-free service with prompt attention at our Premium Centers.
  11. Authenticity

    • Services provided with genuine, globally recognized ALEXANDRITE PRO U CANDELA lasers, purchased and maintained by their official representative in Greece, aiming for the most effective and safe method to achieve smooth, silky skin.

Οur impressive Results

Laser Alexandrite Hair Removal at OASIS MED 4


Contact us to book your appointment today!

☎️2810301777 Heraklion
☎️2831036034 Rethymno
☎️2841022860 Agios Nikolaos
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